Cosmic Jaunt

The largest global virtual astronomy camp for children from grades 2 to 8

With Cosmic Jaunt, children can spend their summer and winter breaks more constructively and explore the wonders of universe. With a 5 day, 10 hours short duration learning experience, children get a flavour of astronomy and space, ignite their interest in the field, and gain more insights about STEM.

Teaching Philosophy

Stress-free engaging experience

We use experiential learning methodologies & interactive formats like storytelling, case studies, and games to make children familiar with astronomy and space.

Learn by doing

“I do and I understand.” In 5 days, children get hands-on experience with astronomy, as they engage in various activities to solve a problem or create something.

Designed by passionate astronomers

Driven by well-defined learning objectives, our team of passionate astronomers themselves design and deliver the respective virtual camps for children from grade 2 to 8.

Well defined learning objectives

The session and its learning objectives are designed and developed, keeping the grade and age of the participants in mind.


Short yet meaningful learning experiences– The 5-day Cosmic Jaunt are designed to be brief and short with well-defined learning objectives.

Igniting interest in astronomy & space– One of the key drivers to organize Cosmic Jaunt is to ignite the interest and build the curiosity of the young generation.

100 percent virtual. Learn from anywhere– One can participate in Cosmic Jaunt from any part of the globe. All you need is a laptop/desktop, stable internet connectivity, and a willingness to explore.


A window to the wonders of the universe for children of grades 2 & 3. With engaging activities, they understand the system we live in: The sun, the moon & the earth. 


Children from grades 4 & 5, unravel the mysteries of astronomy & space. Through various activities they learn the concept of engineering, geography and gain insights about the ancient as well as new age astronomy. 


In 5 days, in a more advanced level of learning, children from grades 6 to 8, get familiar with concepts like 3D model making and learn some new concepts related with geography, engineering, and ancient as well as new age astronomy. 

Parents & children love us!