Empowering Teachers & Parents
to Engage Young Learners in
Space Education

STEM & Space empowers schools, educators, and parents to engage young minds, ignite scientific curiosity, and foster a passion for space exploration through innovative platforms and engaging learning resources.

STEM & Space is delighted to collaborate with reputed space companies and outreach organizations to accomplish the goals of our mission.We are proud to be recognized by ISRO as a "Registered space tutor" and honoured to be the first STEM-accredited Space Education Company in India, by STEM.org.

Engage, Educate, Empower

“Empower students with a love for space through our
engaging platform and sessions, designed for passionate teachers.”
So simple and easy to use
The unique way of engagement
with students
Helps to develop a passion for
STEM, space and sustainability

STEM & Space Digital Library

Discover Engaging Lessons

Discover engaging and interactive space-themed lessons for your students in our session library. Choose from a variety of topics and grade levels to bring space education to your classroom.

Encourage your child's curiosity with the Discovery Jar!

Post their science and space questions in video or non-video format on the given padlet link.

Our community of educators and space enthusiasts will provide answers and engage with their queries. Join us in inspiring the next generation of explorers!

Join the community of parents empowering their children through science and discovery

Cosmic Kids Club offers a variety of fun and engaging learning experiences,

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Inspire Scientific Curiosity in the younger generation