Empowering Schools with Space Education

Our innovative school platform enables educators to effortlessly integrate space education into their classrooms. With user-friendly features and grade-specific content, teachers can engage students in space exploration without requiring prior expertise.

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Awards and Honors Received by STEM & Space

ISRO registered Space Tutor

STEM & Space becomes an ISRO registered Space Tutor through MOU signed for space education outreach

Accreditation with STEM.org

STEM & Space becomes India’s first space education company to be accredited by STEM.org

Aldrin Family Foundation

Awarded by Dr Buzz Aldrin- STEM & Space is India’s only company having received rewards from family office of Dr Buzz Aldrin

Discover the Universe in Your Classroom

Space Education Made Accessible and Exciting

Our mission is to empower schools to inspire the next generation of space explorers by providing innovative and engaging resources and programs that bring the wonders of space into the classroom. From curriculum-aligned lesson plans to hands-on activities, we are dedicated to providing an out-of-this-world learning experience for students of all ages.
Making space education
Enhancing the
Fostering a love for Space exploration and STEM

Schools play a critical role in shaping the next generation of leaders and innovators. By instilling a love for science and STEM learning at a young age, we can prepare our students for the challenges of the future. Digital platforms like STEM & Space provide a unique opportunity to bring the wonders of space and science to classrooms across the country, inspiring young minds and fostering scientific curiosity in the leaders of tomorrow.

Dr. Mila Mitra, Co-Founder STEM & Space

STEM & Space Digital Library

Discover Engaging Lessons
Discover engaging and interactive space-themed lessons for your students in our session library. Choose from a variety of topics and grade levels to bring space education to your classroom.

Key Features of STEM &
Space Platform


Our platform empowers educators to integrate space education into their curriculum without requiring prior expertise, making it accessible for all educators and schools to expose their students to the wonders of space.


With our platform, educators can engage and educate students at their own pace and according to the school's schedule, ensuring maximum flexibility and convenience.

School Support

We provide comprehensive support for educators, including access to certified teachers and training resources, to enhance the delivery of effective space education lessons.

Empower Your Space Education with our Certified Resources

With the STEM & Space platform, you can effortlessly engage your students in space and astronomy, even without expertise in the field. Our intuitive platform offers a range of resources and programs that seamlessly integrate into your classroom activities.

If your school lacks resources, our certified educators are here to help. They can offer additional support and expertise, and even conduct virtual or in-person classroom visits to enrich your students’ learning journey.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the school space education platform and how does it work?

    STEM & Space is a user-friendly platform that offers engaging space programs for students, including curriculum-aligned lesson plans, hands-on activities, and virtual experiences, all easily incorporated into the classroom.

    How can I access the space education resources on the platform?

    Accessing the space education resources on the STEM & Space platform is easy. Simply schedule a demo with our team to learn how you can easily bring space education to your classroom with minimum intervention. Our team will guide you through the process and help you get started in no time.

    Is the platform suitable for students of all ages?

    The STEM & Space platform provides space education resources suitable for students of all ages, including curriculum-aligned lesson plans, hands-on activities, and virtual experiences designed to cater to the learning needs of primary, middle and senior school students.

    Is training or support available for teachers who are new to space education?

    Absolutely! The STEM & Space platform is designed to be user-friendly and does not require teachers to be space experts. Our sessions are designed in such a way that requires minimum intervention from teachers, and we provide a range of engaging resources and programs that can be easily incorporated into the classroom. Additionally, our help section offers a range of videos explaining the navigation of the platform, and teachers are always welcome to schedule a meeting with our experts for further support and guidance.

    How can the STEM & Space platform assist our school in offering space education resources and programs if we have a shortage of teaching resources?

    If you don't have the resources to provide space education to your students, STEM & Space platform can provide external certified resources to enhance your students' learning experience. Our certified educators can facilitate virtual or in-person classroom visits and provide additional support and expertise to your teachers.

    STEM & Space is proudly incubated at T-Hub AIC-tech

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