NASA's Asteroid Search Campaign

Join STEM & Space’s month-long initiative in partnership with NASA, The International Astronomical Search Collaboration (IASC) and Pan-STARRS Observatory to empower citizen scientists and students globally. By accessing high-quality astronomical data, participants engage in hands-on astronomy, making original discoveries and gaining insights into asteroid impacts and planetary defense.

Program Duration: August 1 to 26, 2024

Only 100 teams will be guided by STEM & Space Mentors

Registration closes in

Organising Partners

Benefits of joining IASC Program

The background about asteroids and how to detect and prevent their impact
Effective ways to use the Astrometrica software
Data Analysis & Data Visualization
International recognition from IASC & NASA

Registration Criteria


Infrastructure required

Other information

How it works?

  • Participants are encouraged to team up for the Asteroid Search Campaign;
  •  if needed, STEM & Space assists in finding partners.
  • Comprehensive training is provided to understand project objectives and software functionality.
  • Upon joining, participants are assigned a mentor via WhatsApp for guidance.
  • Those actively involved receive a joint certificate from NASA, IASC, and STEM & Space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which classes are eligible for the program?

Students from class 6th to 12th can participate.

Do I need to have prior knowledge of asteroids or experience in asteroid hunting?

No, you can join the search even if you know nothing about asteroids. It will be a great way to learn about them.

Do I need to have a teammate?

Yes, a team of two participants is required. If you don’t have a team member, please inform us. We will provide a team with whom you can proceed in this project. However STEM & Space will not be responsible for the performance of the team member during the project.

How do I get trained to participate in “International Asteroid Discovery Project”?

All the registered participants will have access to the learning system of STEM & Space for initial self paced learning. STEM & Space will also conduct a session for each team to explain the functioning of software and will also assist in event of any technical glitch. In the learning system of STEM & Space, the participant will have access to short videos and troubleshooting information.

I haven’t received any mail from IASC?

Students need to check their registered email ids frequently for all information. Make sure you provide an email during registration which can be accessed regularly by the student.

How will mentors communicate with the students during the campaign?

During the month-long campaign, mentors will advise students on a whatsapp groups. Parents are requested to provide a student's number and let students be part of this group so they can view all discussions.

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