The Layered Atmosphere, Sheltering the Earth

Category: Middle

Did you know that Earth has its very own super-protective shield? It’s called the atmosphere! But what exactly is this magical shield made of? And how does it keep us safe from cosmic rays and space stuff?

While we’re having a blast with all our fun activities, let’s also take a journey of discovery and learn all about our fantastic atmosphere. It’s like a cozy blanket that surrounds our planet, and we’ll find out how it works its magic to keep us safe and sound.

So, buckle up for an exciting adventure of learning and exploring. Get ready to uncover the mysteries of our atmosphere and understand how it makes Earth the perfect home for us.

Session Objectives Activity Name
  • What is an atmosphere?
  • What are the gases present in the atmosphere?
  • What are the different layers in atmosphere?
  • Explaining each layer.


  • Layer of atmopsher model
Activity Objective Take Away
    • What are different layers of atmosphere?
    • What is present in different layers?


  • Layers of Atmosphere Model

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