Space satellite, making our future bright

Nysa, what do you want to become when you grow up?’, asked Neil. ‘I want to be an engineer and design satellites for ISRO.’ ‘WOW! That’s great!!’ ‘Do you know Neil, it is Sid’s birthday and I am wondering what to gift him?’ ‘Sid loves space machines, isn’t it?’, asked Neil. ‘ Let us build a handmade satellite for Sid’, said Nysa. Join Neil and Nysa as they are geared up to prepare a satellite for their friend ans understand the technology that is turning our future bright.

Session Highlights

Duration : 90 mins to 120min

  • Mode of Conduction: Online & Offline
  • Batch Size: 30
  • Teaching philosophy
    Concept Understanding
    • Concept Understanding
    • Experiential learning through Hands-on Activity



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