On a school trip to the National Science Museum, Neil and Nysa were amazed to see a gigantic skeleton of a dinosaur. ‘Neil, the skeleton looks so scary’, whispered Nysa! ‘Don’t worry Nysa, it’s just a skeleton, this won’t eat you’, said Neil. Do you know! How did the dinosaurs get extinct? Find out with Neil and Nysa the reason of their extinction. Join  them on their trip to explore space rocks and keep your hands busy with some exciting hands-on activities.

Session Objectives Activity Name
  • What are asteroids and where do they reside?
  • What are asteroids made of?
  • Names and shapes of some asteroids
  • What are comets and where do they reside?
  • 5 Parts of a comet


  • Let’s make an asteroid
  •  Let’s make a comet
Takeaway Activity objective
  • Asteroid model, comet model and a comet worksheet
  • Shape of asteroid
  • Composition of an asteroid