Parachutes that fly, land safe from the sky

Neil with an eye on unlocking the secrets of the universe is excited to meet his astronaut cousin as he prepares for space mission. Nysa, ‘cousin, I am amazed to see your gadgets and gears!’ You are so lucky to go to space on a Rocket!’. ‘Yes, it’s really exciting! I am taking a rocket to space but do you know how will I land back on Earth?’, asked their cousin. Take a guess! Join Neil and Nysa to know how astronauts and other flight specialists land safely on Earth from the sky, followed by an interesting hands-on activity

Session Highlights

Duration : 90 mins to 120min

  • Mode of Conduction: Online & Offline
  • Batch Size: 30
  • Teaching philosophy
    Concept Understanding
    • Concept Understanding
    • Experiential learning through Hands-on Activity



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