Cosmic Calendar, A Journey Through Time

Category: Senior

Get ready for an incredible journey back in time, all the way to when the universe began! 13.8 billion years ago, something extraordinary happened – an immensely dense point exploded with a mind-boggling force, and that’s how our universe was born!

But that was just the beginning! After the Big Bang, amazing things followed in a fascinating series of events. In this epic tale of creation, we’ll discover when the Solar System came into existence and when life began.

Join us on this thrilling adventure through time, where we’ll learn about the birth of the universe, the formation of our Solar System, the rise of life, and everything in between. Buckle up, young explorers, as we venture through the ages in a COSMIC CALENDAR – A Journey through Time! It’s going to be an out-of-this-world experience!


Session Objectives Activity Name
  • Evolution of the universe from the big bang to the present day.
  • Compressing the major events that happened in the history of universe to present day in an year calendar.
  • How to calculate the timeline for the cosmic calendar?
  • Conclusion from the cosmic calendar.


  • Making the cosmic calendar
Activity Objective Take Away
    • Calculating the timeline to compress the major events in the history of universe to present day to create the cosmic calendar.
    • Conclusion from the cosmic calendar.


  • Cosmic Calendar

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