Water Cycle goes around from the sky to the ground

Category: Junior

RUN! RUN! Nysa, as Neil called out to her! It’s raining so heavily! ‘The rain spoiled all our fun’, complained Nysa. Neil, how come it’s raining so heavily in summer? There are so many thick clouds up there! I wonder how clouds are formed and what causes rain? Nysa is so puzzled! Let us unpuzzle her with some interesting weather experiments and activities in this session. Are you all set!

Session Objectives Activity Name
  • What is weather?
  • What are different weathers we experience?
  • What is season?
  • What are different seasons?
  • What is the water cycle?


  • Make cloud in a Bottle
  • Draw your own water cycle
Activity Objective Take Away
    • Explaining Evaporation
    • Explaining Condensation
    • How are Clouds Formed?
    • Explaining the Water Cycle


  • Water Cycle Model

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