Cosmic Jaunt 2019-“Cosmic Jaunt 2019"- a Cosmo venture to bring the joy of astronomy & space science to all the young generations of Delhi NCR.

Explore the universe with us this summer for 6 days by hanging out with astronomers and STEM experts. Experts will guide students through unique and innovative hands-on space science activities that will expose them to the concepts of space science. Each day, a new topic will be introduced with multimedia presentations and expert guided activities.

Cosmic Jaunt is a product of STEM& Space, a niche company which aims to cultivate a love of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) in students through interactive and experiential programs, interwoven with the fascinating domain of space and astronomy.

Our Locations
Gurgaon & Greater Kailash

May 20th - 25th , 2019

Dwarka & Punjabi Bagh

June 3- 8th , 2019

Message From Dr. Mila Mitra,
I am the Chief Scientific Officer & Co-founder of the STEM & Space.

I have worked at NASA for several years, and with my background, am keenly aware of the way science and technology is evolving and we believe STEM will be the way of the future! Through our fun, exciting, hands-on activities, which will be guided by an educator, we hope to interest our children in emerging trends in science and technology, and give them glimpses into futuristic careers.

Our COSMIC JAUNT Sessions have been designed to cover a gamut of topics in space and astronomy, and we are bringing a variety of unique activities involving new technology, which will prove very exciting for your children.

We welcome you to join hands with us this summer, in our quest to foster an interest in STEM in our children!

An excursion to Nehru Planetarium

A special event will be held at the Nehru Planetarium in Delhi for only Cosmic Jaunt participants. The planetarium will present a special dome show in the sky theatre. Following that, an educator will use the dome to visually highlight celestial objects, demonstrate and explain astronomical concepts such as the movement of constellations, and prominent objects in the sky. Viewing objects on the dome as they are explained by experts will make the experience a highly stimulating one.

Additionally, solar observation with telescopes showing the sun through direct and projection methods of viewing, as well as other outdoor science activities will also be set up at the venue.

Immerse yourself through technology

Indulge in visualizations of the solar system through AR (Augmented Reality) and Virtual Reality (VR). Young space fans can enjoy and experience the technology of AR and VR which are also used in the training of professional astronauts by NASA. While virtual reality provides insight into an entirely different environment, augmented reality combines visual reality with additional computer-generated enhancements.

Immersive technology such as AR and VR provide a new playground for young astronomers to experience space exploration first hand, sparking more interest in their minds and leaving a lasting impression.

Program Outline

The 6 days cosmic jaunt will be comprises of closed room camp for 2 hours daily for 5 days and the last day session, i.e 6th day will be organised at Nehru Planetarium. The participants would be requested to meet the Cosmic Jaunt team at Nehru Planetarium for a half day session. The details for the program would be informed separately.

Glimpses of Cosmic Jaunt 2018

Last year’s Cosmic Jaunt was a major success, with great participation from eager children, talented educators and top-notch equipment providing students with an unforgettable summer experience. Check out highlights from Cosmic Jaunt 2018 below:

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