Engage Students with Guided Workshops on Space Exploration

Discover deeper understanding through skill-based, event, or inspirational workshops conducted by certified educators at stem & space.

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Sessions vs Workshops

Understanding the Difference on STEM & Space Platform
STEM & Space platform offers both sessions and workshops to provide unique opportunities for students to learn about space exploration and related topics.
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Sessions are led by school teachers and teacherpreneurs while workshops are conducted by certified resources.

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Sessions are typically shorter and can added into the school yearly curriculum.

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Workshops provide a deeper level of engagement and hands-on learning opportunities.

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While sessions are suitable for all grade levels, workshops are typically more appropriate for students in middle and high school.

Engage Your Students with
Interactive and Informative Guided Workshops

Our guided workshops provide a perfect opportunity for schools and teachers to engage their students in skill-based, inspirational, and event-based space workshops. These workshops are designed to deepen students’ understanding of space exploration.
Our certified STEM & Space educators conduct these workshops online or offline, depending on the school’s preference. We offer a variety of workshops for different grade levels, from middle to high school, so all students can benefit from our program.

Meet our Certified Resources:
Passionate Experts in Space and STEM Education

STEM & Space platform offers certified resources to conduct guided workshops for students to deepen their engagement and understanding of space exploration, physics, and science. Our qualified educators are passionate space enthusiasts, astronomers, and experts in physics and science who know how to engage young students and kindle their interest. They undergo rigorous training to ensure effective workshop delivery, providing students with the best educational experience.

Benefits of Organizing Guided
Workshops at Your School

Engage and inspire students

Our guided workshops are designed to provide a deeper understanding of STEM and space exploration, inspiring and engaging students in a fun and interactive way.

Convenient and flexible

Our workshops can be conducted online or offline, and can be scheduled at a time that is convenient for your school and students.

Certified resources

Our workshops are conducted by certified resources, who are qualified space enthusiasts, astronomers, and science/physics experts, ensuring a high-quality and engaging learning experience for your students.

Sign up for the platform and browse the workshops catalogue to find one that suits your needs. You can join for free as a teacher or schedule a demo for your school.

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