Far from Home



   Study Mode: Online

   Batch Size: 10-12 (Max)

   Eligibility: Grade 1 & 2

  Course Duration: 12-14 Sessions

   Teachers: 1 or 2


Curious Gox, from the planet Xender, went out on an expedition on his own. He wanted to know more about the universe. But now he is lost, somewhere far away from home, on Earth. Fortunately, Neil & Nysa, Brother & Sister, have found him and are helping him go back to his planet. They are also helping Gox with his hundreds of questions: Where is he? Why does Earth look like a blue and green sphere? What is gravity? What vehicle will he use to go back? His curiosity around moon and constellations is being addressed by Neil & Nysa.

Along with brother-sister Neil & Nysa, children can learn about astronomy in a stress-free environment. The course will run for about three to four months spread across 14 sessions.

Learning about the universe and building STEM skills can now be fun and engaging. Far from home guarantees and includes:

  • Stress-free learning experience
  • Story-based engagement
  • Game-based learning engagement 
  • 1 Live Session every Saturday
  • Interactive assignments during weekdays


5 broad themes. 14 specific concept focused interactive sessions.

Once upon a time on a blue green planet
The children will learn about the planet Earth and its composition, as Neil & Nysa help the lost alien Gox understand where he is.

Say hello to our neighbours
The children will learn about the various phases of the moon, the planetary system, the sun, and how the sun, moon, and Earth are always together.

Twinkle, Twinkle little stars: Why are they so far?
The children learn about constellations and galaxies. They understand the science behind the shining stars and learn to join the dots.

We are one big happy family
The children dive deep into the solar system and learn how we all belong to one big family.

Lift off: Back to home
As Gox prepares to fly back to home, children gain more insights about astronomy and space science, learn the basics of creating a rocket, in fact, they themselves get a hand-on experience of designing one.

Learning Outcome

In an engaging storytelling format, children learn about the wonders of the universe and sharpen their knowledge of general science. In about three to four months, they will:

  • Learn about the planet Earth
  • Enhance their knowledge of the solar system
  • Explore constellations & galaxies
  • Get a hands-on experience of designing a rocket
  • Build skills like problem solving, analytical thinking, and creativity


The next batch is scheduled for Jan 16th, 2021. The club will have a session on every Saturday at 1130am-1230pm IST.