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Because space belongs to everyone, facilitating passionate teachers with this robust platform for engaging students .

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Empowering Teachers and Teacherpreneurs

School Teachers

Our user-friendly platform is specifically designed for science, STEM, and activity educators. It provides grade-specific sessions and hands-on learning experiences that enable teachers to seamlessly incorporate space education into their curriculum, resulting in an engaging and enjoyable learning experience for their students.


If you’re a former science or STEM teacher, a passionate astronomer, a space enthusiast, or someone who runs recreational activity centers, our platform provides an excellent opportunity for you. With our user-friendly interface and engaging sessions, you can easily educate students on space-related topics and make a positive impact on young learners. However, in order to conduct skill-based or inspirational workshops through our platform and engage with schools and students, we require that you undergo training and obtain certification from STEM & Space.

Explore Space Through Guided Workshops

Skill Based, Inspirational, and Event-Based

Our guided workshops are designed to provide students with a deeper understanding of space-related subjects.
School teachers can request the services of our certified and trained resources to conduct skill-based or event-based space workshops for their students in both online and offline modes. However, for teacherpreneurs who wish to conduct these workshops, it is mandatory to undergo training and obtain certification before being deployed to conduct workshops.

If you're interested in scheduling a workshop, all you need to do is submit a request through our application and confirm your interest.

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Unlocking the Advantages

How this platform empowers Educators and Teacherpreneurs?
User-friendly interface

Our platform is designed to be easy to use for all educators, regardless of their technical expertise.

Engaging sessions

Our grade-specific sessions and hands-on learning experiences make it easy for teachers to incorporate STEM and space education into their curriculum.

Teachers can customize our sessions to fit their specific classroom needs and goals.
Impactful learning
By engaging students with space education, our platform can help build critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity skills.

Frequently Asked

What is the difference between the roles of an educator and a teacherpreneur on the platform?

Educators are typically teachers who work for schools and join our platform to provide their students with engaging space education sessions. On the other hand, teacherpreneurs can be former teachers, activity center owners, passionate astronomers, or space enthusiasts who are interested in sharing their knowledge and making an impact on students' lives through our platform.

Is there any cost associated with using this platform?

There are different plans available on the platform, some of which are free while others have a cost associated with them. You can check the plans and their features on the website to choose the one that suits your needs.

How can I get certified as a teacherpreneur and conduct guided workshops through the platform?

To get certified as a teacherpreneur and conduct guided workshops through our platform, you can sign up and undergo mandatory training and certification programs provided by STEM & Space. Once you complete the training, you can apply to become a certified resource on our platform and start conducting workshops for schools and students.

As a school teacher, how can I engage my students with the platform's resources and guided workshops?

As a school teacher, you can utilize the grade-specific sessions available on the platform. You can share the live session details with your students so that they can participate. However, for workshops that require deeper engagement, certified resources are needed to conduct the sessions.

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