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Join our community of like-minded parents who are empowering their children to develop a strong foundation in science and technology, and watch your child's passion for space exploration take flight.

Welcome to Cosmic Kids Club

The perfect platform for young children to explore the wonders of the universe and
develop a lifelong love for science and discovery.

Learning should be fun, interactive, and hands-on. At Cosmic Kids Club, we’re empowering parents to actively engage their children in the wonders of the universe, fostering their love for science and discovery. Join us and unlock your child’s potential for lifelong learning and success!

Cosmic Adventures:
Explore the Universe with
Our Video Library

Group 1247

Explore the mysteries of the universe with our video library featuring a range of what-if topics, encouraging young learners to ask questions and seek answers.

Group 1246

Designed to spark curiosity and inspire a love of science in young learners, our video library features engaging animations and expert commentary.

Group 1245

Supplement your child’s school curriculum with our expertly developed video library, providing a fun and interactive way for children to learn about space and the cosmos.

Unlock unlimited learning -
Exciting Challenges and
Sessions for Young Learners

Group 1531

The Club offers a range of topics and
activities to choose from, providing a fun
and educational experience for young learners.

Group 1531

Children can learn at their own pace,
exploring and discovering the wonders of
the universe in a way that suits them best.

Explore the Universe
with our Reading Collection

Group 1247

Vast selection of books and comics curated by experts in space education, with visually appealing illustrations that bring concepts to life.

Group 1246

Accurate and engaging content that
complements school curriculum, perfect for young readers eager to learn.

Group 1245

Foster a love of learning and science in
children, encouraging them to pursue their
dreams and passions through reading.

Special thanks to Scholastic for partnering with us to print some of our
comics and educational books, helping us to inspire young learners
and ignite their passion for science and exploration.

Discover the wonders of the
universe through our Live TV
section, featuring expert speakers
and educators who inspire curiosity
and a love of science in young

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Benefits of Joining the Cosmic Kids Club

Perfect for kids aged 6+
100% safe and knowledge
validated by acadmicians
and scientists
Focus on building scientific
curiosity of your child

Cosmic Kids Club Membership Plan

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30 Credits

To be used within a year

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Rs. 1999*/ yearly

30 Credits
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