Building the next generation of astronomers and space explorers is a rigorous process. It doesn’t happen in a few days. Hence, we created Cosmic Kids Club, a learning solution to provide a deeper learning experience for children between 6 to 13. Through stress-free and engaging learning formats like storytelling & case studies, they explore the universe and learn about astronomy & space. The entire learning experience also helps them enhance competencies like creativity, analytical thinking, and problem solving.

The membership to Cosmic Kids Club includes: Weekly live interactions. Engaging activities designed & led by astronomers. 10-12 weeks long immersive learning experience.
Additional exclusive club benefits.
Access to global astronomy events and projects and opportunities to
get certifications from institutions like NASA, ISRO, IASC, among others

Teaching philosphy

Stress-free engaging experience

Children explore the wonders of the universe through storytelling, case studies, and games. No home assignments. They get familiar with astronomy and space through live sessions & activities.

Learn by doing

The children get involved in various activities and get hands-on experience with astronomy. Beyond theories and books, they become an essential part of their own learning journey and engage in various activities to solve a problem or create something.

STEM Integrated curriculum

As the children explore the universe and ignite their interests in astronomy, they also enhance their knowledge of STEM. Driven by well-defined learning objectives, all the programs are designed by passionate astronomers, keeping in mind the respective academic curriculums of different grades.

Interactive & Investigative learning

Cosmic Kids Club creates an interactive and investigative learning ecosystem for children where they also enhance their competencies like creativity, collaboration, analytical thinking, and problem solving.

Designed & Delivered by astronomers

Children get the opportunity to learn from and interact with passionate astronomers themselves. They bring in their knowledge, experience, and expertise to help students explore the wonders of the universe and pursue a career or build a hobby or interest in astronomy.

Club Benefits

  Get offers on various astronomy workshops.

  Get opportunities to participate in national & international projects.

  Become a voting member of the club: Your ideas could become future event.

Far From Home

For Grades 1&2

The Earth, the stars, the Sun, and the Moon: The children are curious to understand all these wonders of the universe. Designed and delivered by passionate astronomers, far from home is a story of a lost alien on Earth. In an engaging storytelling format, children learn about the wonders of the universe and sharpen their knowledge of general science. Along with characters Neil & Nysa, they learn about astronomy in a stress-free environment.

Moon Exploration

For Grades 3&4

The moon inspires and ignites a lot of curiosity among children. To feed into their curiosities and help them find answers to the many questions about the moon, our in house astronomers have created an investigative learning solution for the children of grades 3 & 4. Through STEM integrated theme based learning and hands on activities children solve the mysteries of the moon and get a little more closer to it.

Destination Mars

For Grades 5&6

As Buzz Aldrin said, “Mars is there, waiting to be reached.” But the journey begins by first understanding it. Designed and delivered by passionate astronomers, this immersive learning program helps the children explore the planet Mars. Through interactive and hands-on activities, they learn about Mars and also enhance their STEM skills along with other skills like creativity, analytical thinking, and problem solving.

Parents & children love us!